Captivating! Energetic! Charismatic! A Crowd Pleaser!
Captivating! Energetic! Charismatic! A Crowd Pleaser!
Denny Diamond Thank You for a sold out show

May 10th, 2023 Sold Out

Thank you everyone for making my 3rd performance of ‘2023’ at White Fence Farm a sold out performance. And we were able to add May 11th for anyone who’d like to attend my “World’s Okayest Vocalist Variety Hour”. Select here if you’d like to find out more.

I must admit that I have been extremely nervous about performing again. I was really interested in just letting it go and fading into the sunset. But my lovely wife and a few friends who have supported me so much over the years gave me the encouragement to give it another year and holy moly it’s paid off.

I’m so honored to have all of you wonderful and kind people in my life. Thank you for coming to my performances and I hope to see you all again soon.

Humbly Yours,


You can see my full performance schedule here.