Captivating! Energetic! Charismatic! A Crowd Pleaser!
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‘2024’ Denny Diamond Shows

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Denny Diamond, two boys from Brooklyn the music of Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow

“Denny Svehla brings natural warmth to your heart and a new breath of life to Neil Diamond’s music.  Denny as Neil Diamond sounds like Americana: Warm, comforting – just what you expect!  Captivating!  Energetic! Charismatic!  A guaranteed crowd pleaser and a sold-out show”

– Woodstock Opera House, Woodstock, IL.

Denny Diamond Svehla performs his musical variety show

“Full of comedic banter and honest moments, Denny played an incredible hour of what he called “feel good” music, celebrating the man who brought the world hits such as “Sweet Caroline” and “Coming to America.”

-Sam Malone Entertainment Editor Northern Star

Denny Diamond Svehla Elvis Presley and Tom Jones

“Denny Diamond’s talent, his beautiful singing, his ability sharing diverse and interesting stories all add up to BIG WOW MOMENTS. Denny does a powerful tribute show to Neil Diamond and he does hit after hit as only Denny can do! What is even better is he makes time to engage the audience to talk to people after the show! Denny is consistently outstanding, exceeding not only my expectations but hundreds of tour GROUPS every time. SHOWMAN EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!”

-Diane Sphar President
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Denny Diamond performs his Christmas show Joy.