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With an online House Concert everyone stays home.

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Here's how it works...

It’s basically the same as a House Concert but no one leaves their home.

If you have a group of folks who can’t get out, let’s say “quarantined”, but you want to get together and listen to some music.  Well let’s do that.  There are several platforms available to do just this. 

Let’s look at Facebook.
  1. Set up your concert by calling or writing.  Some shows can be the same day!
  2. We decide how to fund the show.  By tips or a set amount.
  3. Create a group and all sign in.
  4. We start the show that can last as much as 60 minutes.
  5. We all have a great time and forget what’s going on in the world.

I** There are other platforms and services available if you have a favorite we can certainly use any one of them.

To set up your own personal Online House Concert or for more information

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