Denny Diamond a Neil Diamond tribute

September Morn ‘2016’

Hello Again Hello!

Talk about some Hot August Nights, we’ve had some this month! A few gigs in surrounding park venues, and a couple quick trips, one to a festival in South Dakota and then a day home, only to jump back on the road to head for Ohio. Once again, friendly welcoming audiences. How lucky we are to truly enjoy what we do. We are continually amazed and grateful for such faithful fans.

Upcoming gigs

Please join us at the Woodstock Opera House, September 17th at 7:30 P.M. and visit us at a new venue in Rockford October 11th at Sam’s Ristorante, 6075 E. Riverside Blvd. for a luncheon buffet, where doors open at noon, lunch served at 12:30 and showtime at 1:30. $38.00/per person.

Denny Diamond & The Jewels  

Date City Venue Country
09/23/17 DeKalb, Illinois Egyptian Theatre United States
Time: 7:30pm. Admission: $20 – $35. Age restrictions: All Ages. Box office: (815) 758-1225. Address: 135 N Second St. Venue phone: (815) 758-1225. Denny Diamond and The Jewels is a well-known band from the Chicago area that specializes in playing the hits of legendary singer Neil Diamond. A show all the family will enjoy featuring the words and music of Neil Diamond along with several new songs and a whole lot of interactive fun with the audience! Denny has been charming audiences all across the country and overseas with his impressive baritone voice and cheerful stage presence, sounding better than ever. Johnny Cash was a larger than life figure. He remains one of the very few artists to sell over 90 million records. Keith Furry is a well-known national Johnny Cash Tribute Artist and his shows are a celebration of the life and music of an American icon and an unforgettable tribute to ‘The Man in Black’. Keith’s love for this legendary entertainer is obvious throughout his show. Related post. Buy Tickets
10/07/17 Rockford, IL The Nordlof Center United States
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: $15. Age restrictions: All Ages. Box office: 8159791949. Address: 118 N Main St. Join Denny, Lucas and Spenser as they perform their award winning Branson style family show, “Beautiful Noise”. This trio, (father and sons), has traveled across the United States entertaining audiences for more than 15 years with their musical tribute to Neil Diamond. The music doesn’t start and end with the music of Neil Diamond but their tribute within a tribute that keeps people coming back. And it’s not just the music people enjoy but the father and son camaraderie. Buy Tickets

The Four Icons  

Date City Venue Country
09/24/17 Rockford, IL The Nordlof Center United States
Time: 3:00pm. Admission: $15. Age restrictions: All Ages. Box office: 8159791949. Address: 118 N Main St. Four Icons: Cline, Orbison, Denver, Diamond Respectively, Jannie Nelson, Ron Holm, Chip Messiner, and Denny Diamond have garnered critical acclaim and delighted enthusiastic audiences with their uncanny abilities to capture the musical essence of Patsy Cline, Roy Orbison, John Denver, and Neil Diamond. The four standouts and their bands will present a unique ‘one-stop’ concert that celebrates all four iconic artists who shaped our country’s musical landscape: Cline, Orbison, Denver, and Diamond (“CODD”). Jannie and Ron also perform as the Trinadora duo; learn more about them at Learn more about Chip and Denny, respectively, at and A percentage of the net proceeds will be donated to the Rockford Rescue Mission Buy Tickets


Date City Venue Country
12/03/17 Rockford, Illinois Emmanuel Lutheran Church United States
Time: 6:00pm. Admission: $10 presale $15 at the door. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 920 3rd Ave. TICKETS ON SALE SOON! Holiday Show Trinadora’s Ron and Janelle along with Denny Diamond & A Jewel’s Denny and Spenser performing a plethora of holiday tunes Buy Tickets

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For our September recipe :

Pickled Dill Green Beans
2 1/2 green beans
2 1/2 boiling water
1 bunch fresh dill, stems trimmed
2 1/2 cups white vinegar
1/4 cup coarse salt
4 garlic cloves
1 tsp. ground red pepper

Prep: Prepare jars. Cut beans into lengths to fit jars. Blanch beans for 3 minutes. Drain, pack tightly into jars – hot & sterilized. Divide dill amoung jars.
Bring rest of recipe to a boil in sauce pan.
Pour into jars to within a half inch of the top.
Seal and put in hot water bath for 10 minutes.
Store in cool dark place.
Refrigerate after opening.

A simple Rose` is a perfect match to dance with the beans without intruding on the complex flavor of the dill beans.

Until next time, enjoy some Beautiful Noise on a crisp September Morn.