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February 2016 newsletter


Happy February


Had a busy January with a 4 day gig in Wisconsin Dells at the Palace Theater. What a beautiful venue, with excellent service and food.

Who can forget the Diamond party in San Diego performing with David Sherry and Kenny LaBelle. Quite the event!

Hoping everyone can come out to White Fence Farm on February 9th for our final lunch show before we leave on the next leg of our 88 city tour. Looking forward to seeing more of the great audiences and interesting venues on our trip.


Recipe of the month:

glass of wine
Wine & Chocolate CAN go together, but you need to match sweetness to sweetness. Avoid pairing a dry wine with chocolate. Instead look for a good dessert wine, like a Vintage Port or Madera. Even a sweet Sherry. These will cleanse your palate between bites of chocolate. Remember Sparkling wines don’t work, an aged Rum would be better. You can try White Chocolate with an Ice Wine for a taste treat. Happy Valentines Day!

Easy Chocolate Truffles
1. 16 oz. dark or semi-sweet chocolate or a combination ( finely chopped)
2. 1 2/3 cups heavy cream
3. 1 tsp. pure vanilla
4. 1/2 tsp. course salt

Unsweetened cocoa powder for rolling

Place chocolate in medium bowl. In a small saucepan heat cream until it begins to simmer.
Pour over chocolate. Cover bowl with plastic wrap & let stand 10 minutes, then whisk until chocolate is smooth. Mix in vanilla & salt. Pour into a 9″ pie pan, cover, and refridgerat at least 3 hours.
With a MELON baller or two teaspoons, scoop mixture on to a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper until set. Roll in finely chopped nuts or more cocoa powder. Store in tightly sealed container up to two weeks. Enjoy with a glass of wine. And have a “SENTIMENTAL NIGHT”.

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